Saturday, April 28

Gasoline @ $4 per gallon - Brace yourself!

It may seem a bit off topic, but the price of gas certainly can impact your money and credit.

Many are predicting that we'll see $4 per gallon in the next 6 - 8 months.

The likelihood of this happening seems even more possible after yesterday's news from Saudi Arabia.

Someone driving a round trip of 40 miles per day to work, in a vehicle that averages 20 mpg will spend $8.00 per day, $40 per week, almost $2000 per year just driving to work!

Ever wonder what's driving (no pun intended) gas prices? Here's a link to How Gas Prices Work .

Stuart Lieberman wrote in an article over at the International Real Estate Digest that it's time we take this very seriously. It has impacted peoples finances, and it is not going to get any better.

Here are a few thoughts on how to live with the new cost to drive.

  1. Car Pool- If there isn't one in your community, take a leadership role and start one.
  2. Keep you vehicle in 'tip-top- condition. Make sure that it is running smooth, and that all scheduled maintenance is up to date.
  3. Check your tire pressure! Don't follow the tire inflation PSI guide on the tire sidewall, use the vehicle manufacturers recommendation for tire inflation PSI. You can usually find this inside or on the drivers side door jam.
  4. Don't make special trips! Instead of making five trips here and there, you could consolidate trips so that you can accomplish everthing you need to do into one trip. Save going to the store for when you are driving by the store to take the kids to soccer practice. Stop at the store along the way.

Do you have any thoughts or comments about the price of gas or how we can eliminate some of the pain? Please share comments and ideas!