Wednesday, May 2

College Student Identity Theft

The ease of obtaining and the potential for abusing credit cards by recent high school graduates in college is at an extremely critical stage. But it isn't just about financial ruins from ignorance or lack of financial responsibility, now we are talking about identity theft. Imagine; you're twenty years old, working towards an MBA, and you're stacking up credit card debt that will take many, many years to repay. While you're innocently working towards your degree, someone steals your identity. How is this going to affect your marketability in the workforce?
How well do you know your roommate? Are you receiving mail on campus? Who else has access to your credit card checks? You has access to credit card offers that you receive in the mail? You need to understand the risks and how people can rob you of your identity!

Best practice: limit the number of credit cards that you have and use to one or two and regularly monitor your account activity.

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