Monday, July 16

Day One- The Series Frugal

Join me for the next five days while I write "Series Frugal". Each day I'll write thoughts and tips on how to live the definition of Frugal. Here we go!

Day One- The Frugal Shopper

We are constantly bombarded with advertising in newspaper and on tv which constantly encourages us to buy name-brand merchandise. Name-brand buying can be big money spending, not very frugal. Here a couple of thoughts to consider:

  • Purchase generic off-brand medicine- for example, Walmart's store brand Ibuprofen is a whole lot less expensive than name-brand Advil.
  • Instead of paying top dollar for name-brand food items (bread, peanut butter, etc.) buy the store brand. Even after manufacturers coupons, the store brand in many cases is less expensive. Unless you shop where they double or even triple coupons, stick to the store brand.
  • Off brand clothing can be a much better buy than branded. Example: Hanes athletic socks vs. the off brand competition. Who cares about the name brand of socks anyway? OK, maybe the name brand lasts longer, but by how much? Save buying name brand clothing to when you're shopping at the second hand store. Otherwise, buy off brand.
  • Shop the dollar stores for your non-food groceries like shampoo, razors, paper products, etc.

Tomorrow's Series Frugal- The Frugal Homeowner