Saturday, July 14

This Weeks Top 5 on Money and Credit

Over the past few days we've read about ways to cut spending and to protect ourselves from getting scammed. Here are a five posts that I particularly enjoyed this week.

JLP on AllFinancialMatterrs tells us to watch out for financial planners and their fees in a post titled Planners and Fees .

Kyle posted a link to a cool video called How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off By A Mechanic that talks about the 5 things that you need to know.

A post on The Mad Money Analyst tells us to be wary of store branded credit cards, that these types of cards can get people in trouble if their not careful.

Have you been getting a lot of e-cards lately? Hope that you haven't been reading them all! Vinoo Thomas tells us more about the dangers of reading these over at McAfee Avert Labs Blog.

Don't waste your money on ID Theft Insurance! Read this excellent post at My Money Blog about ways that you can self insure against ID Theft.