Saturday, December 15

Good Debt Reduction Strategies

There a lots of debt reduction strategies out there, and they all share one common thing; you have to work the plan in order for the strategy to work!
This post on Smart Easy Money has some very good ideas.  One in particular that I like is to stop carrying your credit card(s) around with you.  This one strategy in itself can make a huge difference in staying on course with your plan.
The other strategy is one that we've all heard over and over and over; make and stay on a budget.  The reason that we hear this so many times is because it is the first and foremost requirement when developing a Debt Reduction Strategy.
Visit the links that I've provided on the right hand panel of this page under "Educational Websites" for some sites that can help you develop your strategy.
Do you have a strategy that has worked for you?  Please share your comments and experiences with us!