Wednesday, December 26

Happy Holidays, here's the bill!

Yes, this is the season for giving and your credit card companies won't forget you! "Did you enjoy your shopping? Did you find everything that you were looking for? Good! Thank you for your business and HERES YOUR BILL!"

The credit card statements are starting to find their way into our mailboxes. Wasn't it nice to get Christmas cards instead?

But for some unexpected emergencies this summer, we had planned on paying cash for Christmas this year. Our budget includes a monthly allotment for the holidays and birthdays, but we had to dip into it for some 'site work' around the house along with an updated heating system.

The new plan is to use the income tax refund to supplement the pay down of the credit card debt. We'll carry a balance on the card until the promotional interest rate expires, then we'll pay if off (or at least down) with the money that's left over in the holiday account along with the income tax refund.