Monday, February 18

Carnival of Personal Finance 140

Carnival of Personal Finance #140

This weeks Carnival of Personal Finance is hosted by The Financial Blogger.

Here are a couple of my favorites-

Time or Money, What do you want more of? By Money Management and You
This posts ties right in with some of the teachings of Timothy Ferriss’ book, the Four Hour Work Week

Lessons I wish I learned earlier by Smart Easy Money
A good reminder that history is our best teacher and that we can learn from the experiences, the successes and mistakes, of others.

Save Time and Money with These Tips for Organizing Your Personal and Financial Records by The Personal Financier
If anyone needs help filing, it’s me! Good advise on getting yourself organized.

My Experiment: Asking for a Better Deal by Alpha Consumer, Kimberly Palmer
This post is proof that you need to ask to receive. I wonder how many deals we pass up just because we don’t ask?

The Car I didn’t buy at Blunt Money
A perfect example of being happy with what we already have.

Thanks for all the great posts, and thanks to The Financial Blogger for hosting this week!

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bluntmoney said...

Thanks for the mention!

Colonel Cash said...

No problem, it's a good post!