Friday, July 6

2.3 Million Identities stolen from Certegy Check Service

A seven year employee of Fidelity's Certegy Check Services Inc. unit has been charged by the US Secret Service with compromising the identities of over 2.3 million people. Although large, this breach does not even come close to matching the size of the TJ Maxx fiasco.

This breach occurred at Fidelity National who provides payment processing services for the retail, mortgage, and other like businesses.

According to an article on CNN Money, the former employee stole bank and credit card records and sold them to a data broker.

What You Should Do If You Think Your Identity Has Been Stolen

  1. Put a freeze on your credit files
  2. If you use a debit card, carefully monitor your checking and savings accounts for unauthorized activity.
  3. Consider closing your checking and savings accounts and transferring them to another account number.
  4. Periodically check your credit report at
  5. Visit the Federal Trade Commissions Identity Theft Site
  6. Regularly monitor all of your financial accounts