Thursday, January 31

10 Tips: What to do with tax rebate? - 10 Tips-

10 Tips: What to do with tax rebate? - 10 Tips-

In this article on by Laura T. Coffey, we can read about 10 things we can do with a tax rebate. I especially like the suggestion of paying down credit card debt. This is a sure fire way to earn a fantastic return on your money. Paying off $2000 in credit card debt that charges 18% per month in interest is the same as earning an 18% return on the stock market, without the risk!

Here is my "Top 10 List: How to spend your tax rebate"

10. Buy a new HDTV

9. Make a lump sum contribution to your retirement account

8. Deposit the money into a high yield money market account

7. Buy a new wardrobe

6. Update your sofa and recliners

5. New tires for your car

4. Start a college fund for your kid(s)

3. Pay back the loan that your inlaws gave you

2. Pay down revolving credit card debt

1. Hold on to the money until the government
asks for it back!