Saturday, February 2

To stupid to be true!

There is a story out today about a collection agency, Nationwide Collections, Inc. of Fort Pierce, Florida, that is soon to be sued by a lawyer for a client over a $16.96 collection letter.

Apparently, the letter's author is an idiot!

According to news reports, the letter was addressed to "Sh@t Face", and the greeting line read "Dear Sh%t". I can't help but laugh! What kind of moron would send a letter out like this?

You would think that a company would require, at the very minimum, an introduction to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act before allowing someone to send out any letters.

The silver lining? The recipient of the letter says that they never had an account with the company that placed the debt with the collection agency, but is now suing for abuse of the FDCPA.

The account that was placed for collection appears to have been a music club account that was opened under the name of "Sh&t Face". I remember my brother once opened an account with one of these companies in his dogs name... Don't you think someone in subscriptions would read these things? It must be a hoot, working there and reading these things, but don't you think they'd save a little time, energy, and money and just pull those orders that had names like that?

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