Wednesday, January 23

Tax Prep Software

I received a full version of TaxCut in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Made it pretty easy to decide what to use to prepare my taxes this year! Now that I have received most of my tax docs, I guess its time to load up the software.

It would be nice if the H&R Block folks would send me a free version! The software that they sent requires payment at some point, probably when you license it during the registration process. The box that it came in says that it is the "Same TaxCut software and at the same manufacturer's suggested retail price as sold in stores". I wonder how it compares to what I can buy it for locally? I'll keep you posted!


pfstock said...

They sent me the same thing. Don't be fooled into thinking that you are getting something for nothing because you will need your credit card to activate the software. I usually buy my tax preparation software in a retail store. At the same time, I can pick up a deal on MS Money (or Quicken) and a new virus scanner. Lastly, my memory was that they included a $10 rebate coupon if you were to buy TaxCut at certain retailers.

Colonel Cash said...

There's always a catch isn't there? I was going to check to see what the in-store prices (Walmart) were before purchasing the one that they sent to me online. As you mentioned, there is probably a better deal to be had by going to the store. Thanks for the comment!