Wednesday, February 13

Have you had enough yet?

Just in case you haven't had enough yet, here is some more information about the economic stimulus package from the Office of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi, released on February 7th. Here is an excerpt:

Today, the House will complete action and send to the White House bipartisan economic stimulus legislation (H.R. 5140) to help hardworking Americans who are struggling with the high costs of gas, health care and groceries, and to jumpstart our slowing economy and create jobs here at home.
It will:
• Put hundreds of dollars into the hands of more than 130 million American families including seniors and disabled veterans – who will spend it immediately to reinvigorate the economy;
• Build on the child tax credit by offering a one-time rebate of $300 per child;
• Expand financing opportunities for Americans in danger of losing their homes because of the mortgage crisis;
• Promote small business investment in plants and equipment; and
• Help create 500,000 jobs by the end of the year.
Getting this bipartisan bill done quickly is a victory for the American people that will inject confidence and consumer demand, promote economic growth, and create jobs. We will take additional action to help American workers and help our economy recover and grow.

I wonder how things might be today had the government decided to do this BEFORE we were in trouble? Apparently, The Speaker is pleased at how quickly they were abler to get this bipartisan bill done, why couldn't they have done it sooner? How many families would have had some relief from the high price of everything if they had?

You can download a copy of the fact sheet by clicking here

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