Saturday, February 16

Ways to Save $1000

I just read an article on MSN Money about ways to save $1000. This article talks about seven painless moves you can make to save. Here is my take on these seven moves...

Seven Ways to Save- Some ways are better than others.

Way #1- Stop eating out so damned much!
In the MSN article, the first way to save is by looking for discounted dinner entrees. Yes, this is a good way to save at the restaurant, but there is still a better way. Don't eat at the restaurant! If you are traveling out of town on business and need to get something to eat (as long as you're not entertaining your clients) you could go to a local grocery and get a large prepared salad, something to drink and a desert. Go to the deli and get something that is already prepared, or have them make you something special. If it's towards the end of the day, you can probably get a discount on the pre-made stuff. A salad, chicken wrap, eclair, and a soda all for around $10 bucks- and no tip. Besides, it won't make you as fat!

Way #2- Stop buying stuff you don't need
Good idea. Here's a better one. Sleep on it before buying it. Why would anyone have unopened and unused items (maybe you already bought one and just forgot?) Unless its canned food, you've probably purchased it on impulse.

Anything that you THINK you need deserves at least a night or two of going without it. If after a couple of days of thinking about it you still feel the same way, then go out and get it. Think of the time you'll save yourself by not having to back and return something that you didn't need or really want in the first place!

Way #3- Get a deal at the grocer
As long as you're not just buying stuff because you got a good deal on it, this is a good idea. It is a great idea to ask the clerk about additional coupons for things that you are on your grocery list. Oh yeah, make a list! This alone will help you stick to your budget and not buy on impulse.

Another good way to save at the grocery store? Buy the store brand instead of the name brand. Although you might have coupons on the name brand, oftentimes the store brand is still less.

Way #4- When was the last time you went to the library?
Best idea in this article so far! Your local library is a huge public resource that is largely undiscovered. For the price of admission, you would be hard pressed to find a better selection or value.

Way #5- Consolidate your techno service
Depending on where you live, this is easier said than done. If the cost in your area is high and the services limited, you might be able to rely on your local library for internet access. If you do have cable, phone, and internet services that can be bundled without a loss of features, then consolidating them is a good idea.

In my area, cable television and internet are provided by the same carrier who also provides VOIP, but I prefer Vonage because of the many features that it offers that the cable guy doesn't (yet, anyway). So, my cable tv and internet are bundled, but I pay for my three phone lines (two phone and one fax) seperately.

Way #6- Lawn care and alarm service?
The article goes on to say that after you're done making deals with your cable guy, you should negotiate with your lawn care guy and your alarm company guy. Whoa, hang on a second. If you're taking steps like clipping coupons to save a little money, dontcha think that maybe paying someone to cut your grass and clip your bushes is a little outside of your price range? I can understand the alarm thing if you live in a high crime unpoliced forest. But if you have neighbors (that you like and are not afraid that they might be over to steal from you when you're not there, or worse, when you are!) then maybe you could each watch out for the other? Do you have a cell phone that can call 911? Do you have any sharp things that you could stick in an intruder? Maybe you could get some mace or pepper spray. They make pepper spray that when used on grizzly bears will make them think twice about attacking you, maybe it would work good on your local bad guy too?

Way #7- The big Cash Stash
Where do you get this 'stash money' and why not stash it now to make savings easier now? Get it by doing steps 1 through 6 and take the savings and put it in a high yielding account like ING DIRECT. If you don't have an account there, then click on the square at the top of this page that says ING DIRECT on it, it's on the top left hand side. Be sure to tell 'em that the Colonel sent ya'!

Way #8- Read the advise and articles on the Money Blog Network!
No, the MSN article didn't mention this way to save, but it sure should have! Although I'm not in the network (I'd really like to be, just not sure how to get initiated, any body know how?), the information shared here is as good as, if not better than, any that you can pay for!

You can help me expand this list of ways to save money by leaving a comment telling about ways that you have found to save money! How big can this list get? Let's see!

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