Wednesday, February 27

Need a Smoke?

Fortunately, I was able to break the smoking addiction years ago. You know what they say about reformed smokers, they're the worst kind! One of the things that helped me to stop smoking (notice I wrote stop, not quit? I take great pride in having not ever quit anything, but I have stopped doing some things.. there's a difference!) was the toll it was taking on my wallet, not to mention my health!

A pack 'o' butts cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.00. If someone were to go through a pack a day, they're missing out on some serious cash. To say that smoking is expensive is an understatement. Talk about money going up in smoke!

A person smoking a pack of cigarettes a day spends about $1,825 a year. If this person became a non-smoker, and made regular monthly contributions to a savings account earning a measly 4%, they would at the end of...

10 years they would have $22,900
15 years they would have $38,271
20 years they would have $57,040

That's at 4%! What if you could earn 8%?

10 years.... $28,546
15 years.... $53,993
20 years.... $91,907

What if instead of saving this money, it was used it snowball debt? First, the reformed smoker could rapidly reduce and retire their debt, then they'd be able to save like a miser! Not to mention, they'd would be a lot healthier too!

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