Monday, March 3

Don't make a bad debt collector out of a good one!

Just like good customer service and poor customer service, you have good and bad debt collectors. The good ones will work with you in order to get the debt paid. The bad ones on the other hand, they'll become abusive and break the law in order to get paid.

Speaking as an experienced debt collector (a good one!), nobody likes to be tricked or lied to, especially someone who is looking for ways to help you through a hard time. If you say that you're going to do something, then do it. Or, if something happens that makes it so you can't do what you say you're going to, then let the debt collector know.

"Most people are not aware of their rights.
And unfortunately debt collectors take advantage of that fact,"

Don't tell a lie just to get the debt collector off the phone. The debt isn't going to go away and neither is the debt collector. It is time to come to terms with the debt, own up to it, and deal with it.

What if you're one of the unfortunate ones that get a bad debt collector who is nasty, abusive, and, doesn't care about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? First, know your rights! You need to know what the debt collector can and cannot say and do. Knowing your rights is your primary defense against unfair debt collection practices.

This article called "Rogue Debt Collectors--How to Fight Them" by Jen Haley, explains some of your rights and shares some ideas on ways of dealing with the rogue debt collector.

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Cinder said...

I saw your entry on and random decided to add it to my morning reading. I can fortunately say that I've never (and hopefully will never) have to deal with one personally, but I am guilty of ascribing to society's perception that debt collectors are all evil scum. Your blog entry brings a new light on it and makes me actually think about the situation in more than one dimension. Well written and great advice for anyone who might have to go through that situation!

Colonel Cash said...

Hey Cinder! Thanks for your comments. Sometimes its worth taking a look a things from another angle. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for visiting!