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This is a guest post from Liza

Debt solution

More and more people who are facing enormous difficulties in paying off their debts are turning to debt solutions. There are almost four types of debt solutions namely repayment arrangements, debt consolidation and debt settlement. Amidst the mentioned debt solutions, debt consolidation and debt settlement the most sought after ones.

At it most basic, debt consolidation is combining all your debts into one single monthly repayment. Thus, at the end of each month instead of paying twenty different bills to different creditors all you have to do is simply make one singular monthly payment. The advantage of one monthly payment is that the risk of missed or late payments is reduced. Usually consolidation of debts is accompanied with lowering of interest rates. The consolidated debts carry much less interest rate, almost at times half, of what you had to pay earlier.

Debt settlement is another option that’s becoming increasingly popular with individuals who have a lot of debt and are considering filing bankruptcy. In a nutshell, debt settlement is an alternative to bankruptcy. You stop paying your bills and instead start accumulating funds to pay your creditors. Once you accrue a lump sum amount of money, start negotiating with your creditors. With the help of debt settlement usually 50% or sometimes even 75% of the original amount is reduced.

You might face troubles in negotiating with creditors and collection agencies. They might create pressure on you to collect more money. If you find that they are in no mood to negotiate then contact a reputed settlement company. The settlement companies have the experience and know very well how to come to an agreement with creditors and collection agencies.