Friday, November 7

The Election is over; Now What?

The elections are over. Many had hoped that with the new president elect, our financial crisis would begin to subside. Much to their dismay, the stock market has tumbled twice since.

I often wonder how much the media has contributed to the current state of economic affairs? What if nobody told us how bad it was; what if we didn't repeatedly hear and read, over and over, the economic bad news, how would we know?

Some people who have endured job lay-offs, foreclosures, etc. would have first hand knowledge obviously. But what about the rest of us? Do we really need to know? Maybe the better questions is do we want to know?

Personally, I don't want to hear about it anymore. Not sticking my head in the sand because I realize the importance of personal finance and money management. Moreover, I understand the importance of a good mental state of mind; the importance of attitude!

With all of the negativity fed to us by the media, we are begin to feel defeated. We are constantly reminded of an economic Armageddon.

I say damned the news! I'm putting my chin up and going forward with the best that I have! The sun has come up today and both of my feet hit the floor, look out world! We all have another opportunity today to take ourselves and our circumstances to the next level!

So, shut off the news and radio and go for it! Keep your chin up and keep doing your best! Make your attitude a good one! Things will get better!

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