Wednesday, August 31

Can a debt settlement attorney stop harassing collection calls?

Guest post from Kevin Craig

US citizens suffered from job losses, wage cuts and unemployment after the recent economic depression. Because of this, they are unable to pay their bills and have incurred an insurmountable amount of debt. If they default on their payments, they receive collection calls from the debt collectors. Therefore, in this time of financial crisis you should try to settle credit card debt to avoid the harassing calls from the debt collectors. When you plan to settle your debts, ensure that you hire a debt settlement attorney.

Your creditor might not agree to settle your debt if you are current on your payment so it can be a difficult task for you to settle your own debts. If you hire a debt settlement attorney then you can save a considerable amount on your outstanding balance. When you settle your debt you pay less than you originally owed to the creditors. In order to convince your creditors, you might need to default on your payment, but this will adversely affect your credit history.

Once you default on your payment you may continue to receive collection calls. In this situation your debt settlement attorney can help you avoid collection calls. The creditors generally transfer the delinquent accounts to the collection agencies. The attorney can send a certified mail to the debt collectors asking them to cease communication with the debtors. When the debtor is represented by an attorney it helps to decrease the number of collection calls. The debt collectors might not threaten to take legal action against you if you are being represented by a lawyer. He will be working as a mediator between you and the creditors. The creditor or the collection agency needs to contact your attorney if they need to communicate with you.

The creditors are liable to discuss the debt with the attorney in case they plan to sue you. An attorney can prevent their clients from going to court and help the creditor as well as the debtor to save money.

Your attorney can help you give detailed information on a debt settlement program. It will be easier to find a reliable attorney and can avoid getting into the trap of a fraudulent debt settlement company. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire an attorney to liberate yourself from debt.