Wednesday, March 10

Economic Indicator: Are you buying a car this year?

Things look good- everything seems to be running pretty smooth now! Most prognostications anticipate we are on the crest of the wave to economic recovery. How we hope that this is true!

Jobs reports show that we're losing less jobs. This is a very strange indicator if you ask me. Looking forward to the day when we talk about how many new jobs are created each month versus how many jobs are lost each month.

Housing reports signs of recovery. Lending is easing a little bit (which seems like a lot when compared to what we've recently been subject to!).

New car sales are up too! Even Toyota, in spite of all of their recent woes, report that sales have increased 50% over the same period last year!

Which leads me to ask; do you plan a purchasing a new car or truck this year? Please take the poll and comment about what type of vehicle (Make, model) that you're planning on purchasing.