Friday, April 3

Credit Cards and Bank Tellers

My last post talked about how Geico decreased my credit line. An article appears today in USA Today entitled "Credit slashed for responsible borrowers"!

From a bankers perspective, I understand entirely why this 'slashing' is required. Accounts issued to those that don't use them, or to those who avoid fees and other charges are simply unprofitable. It just doesn't make any sense to maintain accounts that effectively cost the business money.

From a consumers perspective, I feel quite defensive about this. First, it can and will impact credit scores (see my last post where I write about this). Second, I feel as though something of mine has been taken away from me un-rightfully, regardless of what the fine print might say.

Seems to me that the banking systems needs to find other ways to support their overhead. Perhaps they may consider reducing their overhead! Executive payroll, even in your small community banks and credit unions might surprise you!

Instead of looking for additional income from creditors, why not fee other transactions? Just for example...

Payroll expenses could be reduced by training customers to use automated systems for routine transactions rather than seeing a live person (teller). How? For every teller window transaction that could have been conducted at an ATM or online, a fee would be imposed that is not imposed had the automated system been used. One would pay extra to talk with a teller. Why? Because tellers cost more! Eventually, people would come to use the less expensive technology, thereby reducing the bank or credit unions reliance on human resources, ultimately reducing overhead expenses.

Would this work? Sure, it already does. When was the last time you talked with a teller when you stopped into ING Direct?

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